FeaturedDon’t LOOK Down!

“Watch OUT!”  “Look OUT!” “Watch where you’re going!”  Take a moment to think about when you may have heard these words.  These words are usually spoken to someone who is obviously distracted and unaware of an undesirable consequence or result of their misaligned focus and attention. In today’s disturbing and chaotic times, there are SO

FeaturedSamuel Richardson Class of 2020

Update as of 6/28/2020:  Great News!!  Samuel’s graduation will be premiered on Thursday, July 2nd @ 7:00 pm CST via YouTube.  Please join us by clicking this link: VCA 2020 Graduation Link Samuel Devon Richardson, a member of the Class of 2020, graduated from Victory Christian Academy in Columbus, Mississippi. While enrolled at Victory, Samuel

Better than SELF-Care

“Pull yourself up by your OWN bootstraps,” they say. “If you want something done, you’ve got to do it YOURSELF,” they say. “You need SELF-CARE,” they say. There is nothing that sounds appealing about THAT!  …Sounds TIRING to me! If you were blessed enough to grow up in a GOOD or DECENT home, you didn’t


The end of a year is a perfect time for reflection.  Even the beginning of a new year is not too late to reflect. Reflection is important and should be done often…in fact, it should be done throughout the year…even daily, weekly, and/or monthly. At this time of the year, we need to reflect on