If I Would Trust God – The Message Behind The Music

One of the most difficult lessons to learn as a Christian is learning how to trust God in and through ALL circumstances.  Some people have no problem trusting God when times are good, but they tend to leave him out when times are bad.  On the other hand, others tend to trust God completely when times are bad, but they completely turn their backs on Him when times are good and all is well.    Unless we get to the point where we are depending on God and trusting Him at all times, we are really missing out on living our lives to its fullest potential.

When Shondolyn Young Richardson wrote “If I Would Trust God,” her focus was on how we tend to put ourselves through some very difficult times unnecessarily before we realize that God is waiting for us to lean on Him and let Him guide us through this journey called life.  Since we don’t know the beginning from the end, but God does, it seems as if God would naturally be our first contact for all of our major decisions in life.  Instead, we tend not to consider contacting Him because we don’t always trust the outcome.  Hopefully, this song will serve as a constant reminder that God is always willing to help if we simply ask and we can trust Him because He knows all and genuinely has our best interest at heart.

Tailored Synergy is proud to announce that the single, “If I Would Trust God”, will be released on most major streaming platforms on August 9th, 2022

If I Would Trust God – Demo (listen)

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