Everything To Me – The Message Behind The Music

Depression and anxiety are on the rise and it seems as if more and more people are losing hope.  That is why the song “Everything to Me” immediately came to mind when considering which songs should be released from the library.  Even though Shondolyn wrote the song over 10 years ago, it seems like it is even more relevant today.  It begins with the words “When things are going wrong and it seems there’s no one there for you, don’t forget you’re never alone. God is always there waiting…waiting for you.”  Then, the mood shifts to an atmosphere of praise and worship.  

This song is a glimpse of the emotional roller coaster that some of us face when it seems as if things have become totally overwhelming.  We start out trying to figure out how we can solve the problem on our own, but it never works.  As a last resort, we finally reach out to God.  At that point we realize that he was there waiting for us the entire time.  This is GREAT NEWS and a lesson to learn.  Rather than considering God as our last resort, we should make him our top priority.   Hopefully, this message of praise and worship will be a friendly reminder of that. 

Tailored Synergy is proud to announce that the single, “If I Would Trust God”, will be released on most major streaming platforms on August 9th, 2022

Everything to Me – Demo (listen)

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