In the Meantime

What do we do when God’s timing is different than our timing?  What do we do when God doesn’t move as fast as we want him to?  What do we do…”in the meantime”?  Many may think that this time period, is meaningless… a total waste of time.  It is “in the meantime” that we tend […]

Don’t Look Down

“Watch OUT!”  “Look OUT!” “Watch where you’re going!”  Take a moment to think about when you may have heard these words.  These words are usually spoken to someone who is obviously distracted and unaware of an undesirable consequence or result of their misaligned focus and attention. In today’s disturbing and chaotic times, there are SO […]

Better than SELF-Care

“Pull yourself up by your OWN bootstraps,” they say. “If you want something done, you’ve got to do it YOURSELF,” they say. “You need SELF-CARE,” they say. There is nothing that sounds appealing about THAT!  …Sounds TIRING to me! If you were blessed enough to grow up in a GOOD or DECENT home, you didn’t […]

A Habit Worth Forming

Have you ever had the desire to read the Bible more? If so, there was probably more to it than just the act of reading the Bible.  Well…HOPEFULLY!  A person with a genuine desire to read the Word of God usually desires to grow spiritually as a result. For example, they may want to become […]

Trusting God in Troubling Times

In case you may not realize it, there is a very serious SPIRITUAL battle going on right now.  This battle is occurring in the spiritual realm which cannot be seen with our physical eyes.  Yet, just like invisible air that rustles the leaves on a breezy day, the effects and influence of that battle are […]

Gather Up the Fragments

We have been blessed to make it through 2019 and to enter into a new decade… 2020.  Yet, many of us have come into this new year with lost hope and lost momentum.  The thrill is gone!  Your get up and go…has gotten up and went! But, please, don’t lose heart!  I want to encourage […]

Our Christian Faith and the Coronavirus

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that these are some trying and dangerous times.  In fact, by now, everyone all over the entire world is well aware of this global pandemic.  Everyone has been affected in one or more ways. In these uncertain and dangerous times, we can take solace or comfort in the […]


Prior to the current crisis, how many of you had been feeling extremely overwhelmed often saying, “I just don’t have time to do _____ right now”?  For many of us, the missing word would be “ANYTHING!”  Well, through a set of unfortunate circumstances, we now have a LOT of unique time available to us.  In […]

I’m Gonna Be Ready

August. For some, it means time to go back to school… For others it means to send the kids back to school. For me, it means, it’s time to go back to school to work…. with 5th Graders. For context, out of my 20 years of teaching experience, 14 of them were spent teaching Kindergarteners […]